Advertising as Entertainment Games

ReelCash Entertainment is a media research and behavioral advertising game developer that offers ad agencies, their clients, retailers, media networks and consumer product manufacturers an immediate way to better engage customers, drive sales and stay top-of-mind in an insanely crowded Web 2.0 world. 
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Brand Hero Media

ReelCash has created a new category of online entertainment called Brand Hero Media where games focus exclusively on advertiser’s brands,commercials, logos, jingles as well as draw attention to product placement in feature film and television programming. Advertiser’s messages are delivered in the form of fun challenges and entertaining games.

Every ReelCash game tests, measures and analyzes how well your brand “message” resonates with consumers.  We accomplish this in a non-invasive manner and reward players with coupons, special offers and loyalty incentives.  Our Motto:  “Play Games,  Save Money”

Parallels H-Sphere

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